Una tarde de septiembre

The Team

One afternoon in September

While on vacation in her house in Formentera, Eugenia, her sister Inés and her brother-in-law Julio forge the idea of creating a multi-brand online store. The web was born with the idea of meeting the demand of many followers who were looking for information about Eugenia looks. Little by little we have been growing and now EUSTYLE has a wide multidisciplinary team of qualified people very passionate of fashion.

Currently EUSTYLE has thousands of customers and all brands are chosen with a very strict standard by Eugenia, who personally selects the brands and products that customers can find in EUSTYLE. “I travel, look into, decide and edit the collections of brands that are in EUSTYLE. To me as a buyer, I do not like to be overwhelmed with a lot of product, but I love discovering new, chosen and different things "she tells us.

Me gusta pontenciar la moda española y apoyar talentos emergentes

Eugenia Silva


Born in Madrid, Law Degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, she is the most international Spanish fashion model. Eustyle is the most important project of this businesswoman and model, to whom she dedicates much of her time and her affection.

Eugenia Silva


"I travel, look into, decide and edit the collections of brands that are in EUSTYLE ... I love discovering new and different things ..."

Eugenia Silva

Inés Silva y Julio Rodero

Inés Silva + Julio Rodero


Julio Rodero, Economist by profession and photographer by vocation. Graduated in Economics from the CEU University of Madrid, he completed his studies of Economics with a Master in Business Management MBA and a Master in e-Business, both at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid. His business and professional background and his training in the digital world has allowed Eustyle to go from being a dream to be a consolidated business with great aspirations.

Inés Silva, Law Degree. She juggles to combine her professional activity in a national energy company, Eustyle project and her role as mother of three children. As Eugenia's sister, she has lived the fashion from a privileged position, knowing the ins and outs of an exciting world, in which one has to work very hard to excel.
Eu’s deep admirer, her ability to work and how she is able to find the perfect look for every occasion.

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