39,00 €

As if they were a loop turned, in gold color and hook-type closure. It is a single piece joined by a ring at the closure. They have movement and are really fun. Its finish is matte and the gold is...

36,00 €

Two semicircles, big and very thin. Its finish is not smooth, it looks a if it were slightly scratched. The closure is pressure type. These earrings are very different and surely you do not have...

36,00 €

This necklace is three chains in one. Three different types of chain hooked in a single lock. The closure is carabiner type. We love it! Is not perfect to put every day?

39,00 €

These earrings have an 80 's roll so cool!! Bathed in gold and shiny. With geometric shape and very flat. The clasp is hook-type. Size: 6.5 cm long x 0.7 cm wide

38,00 €

A single piece, bathed in matte gold and shaped like a drop. Simple lines and minimalist style. The clasp is hook-type and forms part of the earring as an exquisitely integrated whole. Super...

42,00 €

They have a rigid bar and hanging a spectacular piece as if it were a coral, rounded and extra flat shape. Both pieces are joined by a small ring that gives to the earring a fun and very cute...

29,00 €

This ring is like a thin cord, which gives three turns to the finger and ends in a knot. Made in 925 silver and gold-plated 3 microns. It is so original, and at the same time so comfortable that...

22,00 €

The minimalist style is back to top !! This thin ring with a small star, all in 925 silver plated in gold of 3 microns, is perfect to put without stopping. Simple and elegant. A great accesory to...

36,00 €

Gold plated 925 silver necklace with 3 microns. It has a rectangular plate in matte gold color, engraved with the word LOVE. The length of the chain is 40 cm and has an extension of the same chain...

42,00 €

Small rings with pressure type closure and  zirconias. They are discrete and to put everyday. Diameter of the ring: 1.2 cm. The hoops are classic and never go away. Just renew it season after season.

28,00 €

Earrings composed by a little ball. Hanging from it, a ring with three little balls. Made in gold plated silver. Different and very cute. Another version of the classic ring with an original...

44,00 €

Short necklace made by a thin chain in gold plated silver and a pendant shaped ring, all  studded with zirconias. Small but very showy. Alone or with several chains. This season the trend is to mix...

34,00 €

Small silver rings. Catalán closure type, wich makes it perfectly subjet to the ear, being more difficult to loose them. Spectacular its price!

28,00 €

Ring in gold plated silver. It has 8 little natural stones in the front part. Very thin, and with a minialis design. Super chic!!!

39,00 €

Short and thin necklace made in gold plated silver with a pendant shaped tusk. Length: 42.5 cm. Tusk size:  3.00 cm long x 0.7 cm wide.

25,00 €

Small silver earrings skewer shaped. Snap closure

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