240,00 €

Midi skirt with soft pretty flowers in blues and pinks. Belt with closure to the back. You can combine it with a smooth body in the tones of the skirt or with the Minta Shirt of the same brand.

300,00 €

This dress is elegant and feminine at the same time. The stain pattern in maroon, brown, black and purple tones is gorgeous. Neckline tied at the neck with three buttons. The back is discovered....

200,00 €

Blazer in neoprene fabric, tile color. The cut is straight and has structured shoulders. It is crossed on the front with two black buttons with a small gold rhombus. It is great for going a little...

80,00 €

In one piece, and with a very original design. The closure is pressure type, they are gorgeous and are made of gold brass. XXL earrings are fashionable and with these you will attract attention.

80,00 €

Made in gold brass and with three pieces that give movement to this great slope. One flower and two elongated leaves. Once you put them, they stylized a lot and the fixed part, that of the flower,...

80,00 €

These earrings are formed by two pieces joined by a ring. The fixed part is a flower and from it hang the leaves. Made in golden brass. They are gorgeous and quite big. The closure is pressure type.

100,00 €

Jewelry with leaf shapes are one of the latest trends for this fall. Shaped leaf bracelets is a good way to be trendy. This shaped fig leaf has a very modern vintage air. It is made of gilded...

100,00 €

This bracelet with plum leaf shape, embraces the wrist in a very original way. It is very flattering and is made of gilded brass. It is perfect as a complement to go smartly dressed or for a party....

80,00 €

The bracelets are a perfect complement to finish off a look. This is shaped like a palm leaf. It is open and is easily manipulated to fit your arm measure, and put it closer to the wrist or further...

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