45,00 €

Ring made of matt gold brass with hammered finish. Each one is special because they are handmade. Easy to wear and perfect for every day. The complements are the key pieces of any look and with...

112,00 €

This 22k gold plated ring is topped with 3 sized multi color resin flowers that speak for themselves. Boredom has no place here, bye bye! It is one size, as it adapts easily to any size. We can't...

85,00 € 63,75 €

Green Malachite healing reiki gemstone on an adjustable brass ring.

25,00 €

Steel ring formed by four alliances in 4 colors: black, silver, gold and pink.

31,90 € 27,12 €

Ring with a minimal design. It is very flat and it is completely fastened to the finger. Minimalist design and slightly adjustable. It is made of bronze with 22 cm veremeil bath. It is size unique,...

31,90 € 27,12 €

This ring has a thin hoop and two balls in gold, all made in bronze with a 22k vermeil. Simple, with a minimalist design and very easy to wear daily. This Mexican Geometry collection by Daniel...

315,00 € 267,75 €

Ring made in 925 silver with 22k gold plated. The leaves wrap the whole finger in a very original way. It is articulated in the middle to make it more comfortable. It is very special and different....

59,90 € 50,92 €

We are sure it will be difficult to choose between one of these two rings, because in one color as in another they are beautiful. One is made in bronze with a 22k gold bath and the other in bronze...

59,90 € 50,92 €

Large and half-sphere shaped. The ring is open to adjust it to any finger size. This season the big rings like this are the most. Join this trend and get this one, is spectacular!

59,00 € 41,30 €

Ring made of sterling silver, yellow gold plated, consisting of a ring and a rectangular bar of 2 cm long and 0.2 cm wide. The ring is open and adjustable so you can adapt it to any extent. With a...

59,00 € 41,30 €

Ring in silver gilt, consisting of a rectangular bar and an open ring wich makes it adaptable to any size. The bar is 2 cm long by 0.2 cm wide. Easy to combine and with a simple and elegant design.

79,00 € 55,30 €

Minimalist design ring. It is open, which is perfect to fit any finger size. It has a rigid bar that spans two fingers, the one in which the ring goes and the next. It is different and very original.

89,00 € 62,30 €

Seal ring great for personalizing. It is small and open to fit different finger sizes. It is a classic ring but with that new and current design that gives Ararat to all its jewels. Available in...

19,00 €

Steel ring formed by 3 alliances units in two colors, gold and silver. Very wearable for day to day

25,00 €

Original ring formed by two octagons in steel and golden steel, joined by small screws. It is available in 4 sizes, choose yours !.

80,00 €

Ring made of gold-plated pewter (metal resulting from the alloy of copper and tin). Three leaves on an adjustable ring with invisible zip. Handmade in Spain. Definitely a unique piece full of art...

39,00 €

This ring is very thin and with minimalist style. It is open and has two diamond-shaped zirconia. It is perfect to give a chic and elegant touch to your day to day. As soon as you wear it, you'll...

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