25,00 €

Necklace of matt black beads and silver pendant. Ideal for a super summery and casual look. It closes on the back with a slipknot, so you can adjust it if you like it more or less attached to the...

30,00 €

Long necklace of beads with colored pompoms. Perfect to give an informal and colorful touch to your most folk look. In summer, change accessories, play with them!.

25,00 €

Short choker with pompons in different colors. Adjustable in length Ideal with jeans and a basic top. the choker will make the difference.

28,00 €

Necklace in rope with stars in nacre, adjustable in length and finished in the front in a pompom. 

25,00 €

Ring Earrings in silver, with small balls hanging. With a certain hippy touch, ideal! Very comfortable and lightweight, with hook closure.

50,00 €

This choker is very simple, but it has something special. It is made of large silver and irregular balls, has a vintage style very characteristic of Belao. It has a grey cord with a sliding niche...

18,00 €

A beige leather cord with two knots on the fornt. It has a thread that may be blue or green, and a natural tusk in beige. The typical summer necklace to wear to with a beach look or with jeand in...

23,00 €

A necklace with clear blue balls and intercalated others in silver color. It has a sliding knot to put it longer or shorter. It is perfect to put a note of color to your daily outfits.

26,00 €

Long and with leather in light beige. The pendant is spectacular, a fang in polished brown and of a rather large size. Exotic and tribal complements are always a succesfull option. If you wear it...

25,00 €

This necklace is the ideal complement that you will not take away all day. It looks good with your usual clothes, but to go to the beach is perfect, it can get wet and it's a different touch to...

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