70,00 €

They are three interlaced earrings. You can wear one alone or separate to combine them as you want, for example two interlaced in one ear and in the other a single. You choose how to combine them....

80,00 €

These are a different hoops. They are shaped like a shackle and the clasp is a screw, all bathed in gold. Small size and perfect for everyday.  Super original! Size 1.2 cm x 1.2 cm.

80,00 €

This ring has an incredible roll! Bathed in gold and with a spectacular finish. If you're the one who thinks "rockers never die" this ring is for you. Inner diameter: 1.9cm.

100,00 €

Gold-plated ring 18k. Minimalist design and contemporary style. Fits great and it is perfect for everyday. It's one size, aprox. number 15/16. Inside diameter: 1.7 cm. Width: 1.3 cm.

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