275,00 €

Bracelet in brass with gold plating. Original and extra-flat design. It fits totally stuck to the wrist. Lightweight and very easy to carry. As soon as you see it, it attracts attention.

90,00 €

With the shape of a single flower. They have an omega closure with a shank. It has the perfect size to be able to take them daily, but also to favor a lot. They are made in pewter bathed in gold.

215,00 €

Gold-plated bronze earrings with flowers and leaves making branches. In two pieces, a flower attached to another piece by a ring that gives movement to both parts. The closure is pressure type.

210,00 €

These earrings are made by hand in gold plated bronze. The design is very original, they carry flowers and some leafs as if they were branches. The closure is pressure type.

215,00 €

Earrings made in gold pewter (outcome metal alloy of copper and tin). Formed by a sunflower, and hoop decorated with leaves in the same material. Clossing type clip. These earrings are a great...

80,00 €

Ring made of gold-plated pewter (metal resulting from the alloy of copper and tin). Three leaves on an adjustable ring with invisible zip. Handmade in Spain. Definitely a unique piece full of art...

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