89,00 €

This season you can not stay without one of these skirts. This fabric is super fashion this fall. It has a length above the knee. Narrow at the waist and straight down. It is available in two...

195,00 €

Kimono dress with black background and colorful flower pattern. It has a cut at the waist and ties to the side with a bow on the same fabric. It is quite short. You can use it as a dress or with...

190,00 €

Flyers, flowers and flowing fabrics are key trends this fall. This dress with blue background and colorful flowers favors a lot. It has a rubber on the waist. The time to wear it? Right now and for...

64,90 €

A simple and very feminine dress. The fabric is navy blue and beige. Type shirt and with front pockets. Comfortable and practical. Fluid fabric.

59,90 €

Short dress with black background and two ruffles one at the chest and another at the skirt. The print is of flowers of many colors. Long sleeve and round neck.

69,90 €

Long dress of flowers, neckline in peak and crossed in the front with a loop in the same fabric. It has buttons up to mid-leg and also a lining. The sleeve is Japanese type. The background is navy...

284,35 €

This dress is super chic and the fabric has a spectacular fall. It is made in crepe of wine color. It has a v-neck, the perfect neckline if you want to lengthen the silhouette. Draped in the front...

248,00 €

In a blue-green tone with a spectacular fabric. It is made in crepe georgette. It has a knot in the neckline that makes it super stylish. If you have any special event, wedding, cocktail or similar...

219,00 €

Dress with tile colored background and floral pattern. Remember the  dresses from the era of the late 50's. Long sleeve and high above the knee. The back has a very original fold.

216,00 €

Dress of flower guipur in red color. It is all lined in beige color except on the sleeves. It has a cut at the waist that makes it fit incredible. The perect dress for a wedding or special event.

178,00 €

This season the dots are on fire! Eugenia has selected this dress of Mioh, super tendency!  The fabric is elastic and fits very well to the body. The background is dark blue and the polka dots go...

89,95 €

In black with big flowers. It is slightly trensparent. And above? A thick sweater in nude or garnet tones, great! It is lined up to the knee and the skirt has an opening in the front.

79,95 €

This season you will want to wear a long, printted and vaporous skirt like this. With floral print in light tones. Combine it with a thick sweater like the one on the photo, of Uno piu Uno. That's...

89,95 €

Romantic cut and steamy length. The neck has a loop in the same fabric that gives a very feminine touch. It is lined inside to the knee. Sleeve above the wrist and without a cuff. The print is of...

96,00 €

Shirt type dress in black, garnet and nude tones. The fabric is fluid and light. It has two lateral openings and in the sleeves, which are long, the cuff has a loop in the same fabric. It's very...

149,90 €

This is the dress that you are going to put without stopping is season. Black, knitted making squares in relief. Comfortable and very versatile, with sneakers for a sporty look, booties if you want...

136,00 €

The Knited dress is an autumn-winter must, it can not be more comfortable and versatile: with boots, sneakears or heels, it is your ally at any time of the day. This one, in navy blue and beige,...

136,00 €

Midi length, super trend, the knit dress returns, a classic of the 90's, renovated. Eugenia proposes it to you with sneakers for a sporty look. It has long sleeve and round neck, you have it in two...

120,00 €

Merino wool knit dress, super comfortable and flattering. In blue and beige, perfect to wear with sneakers for a comfortable working look and very cool.

120,00 €

Short dress above the knee. Is is knitted and it has long sleeve. Three colors combination: black, grey and nude. This season you can not run out of one of these dresses.

234,00 €

The fabric is soft and thin. It is garnet-colored. The neck is raised and tie back with a bow. It has flyers and is lined inside.

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