48,00 €

White and 100% linen. The neckline goes in peak and in another different fabric, viscous, that gives an original point to this basic t-shirt that you will put a lot. The fabric almost looks like a...

49,00 €

Vest in gray color 100% cotton. It has two pockets in the front. The vests are that perfect garment to go warm but not overwhelmed. It is sporty and looks great with the Uno piu Uno Asis Dark pants...

75,00 €

Sportive pants in addition to comfortable can be sexsys. You just have to put the right complement. If you want a sporty look with some sneakers and for something more sophisticated booty or heel....

82,00 €

Trousers roof color, fluid and with a finish similar to that of washed silk. It has side pockets and tweezers in the front. It is light and thin, perfect for the season change.

63,00 €

White shirt with square cut and sleeve drop. Oversize and loose. Combining it will not be a problem. Our proposal? Try to wear it with Uno piu Uno's Thauret pants.

73,00 €

Wide and open knitted sweater. Its neck is raised and nothing tight, rather loose. It's that kind of sweaters softs and also with style. The white off  color is easy to combine and quite favors.

77,00 €

At last the time has come for thick and loving knit jerseys. This in nude color is perfect for now. A little shorter in front than behind.

96,00 €

Shirt type dress in black, garnet and nude tones. The fabric is fluid and light. It has two lateral openings and in the sleeves, which are long, the cuff has a loop in the same fabric. It's very...

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