55,00 €

Super originals !! Ascending earrings that are placed up instead of down, not needing more earrings to look very different. Of brass bathed in gold of 18 kt and engravings, they have a length of...

35,00 €

Small brass earrings with 18 kt gold bath, very discreet but very flattering, since their finish makes them shine and show different.

45,00 €

Are not they ideal? We love these super minimal but different earrings. For everyday. They are made of brass with an 18 kt gold bath and a bright polished finish. Its dimensions? The simple 8 mm...

95,00 €

Removable brass earrings with rhodium bath and 18 kt gold bath. They can be put in several ways: only the golden part, the two rings in front and the two rings, one in front and one in the back....

30,00 €

It is made of 18-carat gold-plated brass. It is the typical earring to wear on the top of the ear. It has a striped texture inspired by the busts of kings found in the African city of Ife. It is...

90,00 €

These earrings are made in one piece and inspired by the Spanish tradition. The bottom is fan shaped and its texture is fluted and rough. They are made of gold plated brass. Closing hook type.

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