135,00 €

Leather boot in brown 100% "made in Spain". The sole is flat and rubber. They have a 70´s style very cute. So nice to wear them with skirt or also with pants. Wide cane and very comfortable.

79,00 €

Those who are followers of fashion trends will know that this kind of slippers were the revolution this summer, as far as shoes are concerned. Eugenia in her selection,  could not give up these in...

79,00 €

The classic black flat shoes but this time topped with fun waves that make it super feminine. Now without socks it really favors, but advanced the season you can put on a sock and use it a lot all...

98,00 €

The cheetah will be "the king of your closet". Look for small details like these shoes to connect with this trend. They wear a black leather bracelet with a gold buckle to attach them to the ankle...

89,00 €

Blue and 100% leather. Made in Spain. Slightly pointy, as the shoes are now worn. It has a heel of 2 cm of height, enough to not go absolutely flat but comfortable. Denim is always in fashion and...

89,00 €

Caramel color and open from the back, is the perectl shoe to put on already. With skirt or trousers. It has a golden buckle and the heel is 2 cm. It is lined inside and is super comfortable.

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