33,00 €

These earrings are very original. They are made of stainless steel and PVD treatment with 18k rose gold. One piece, with a long and thin chain that slides in the ear until you reach the pendant...

33,00 €

These earrings have a minimalist design. They are a line and ring of pink gold color. They are made of stainless steel and have PVD treatment with 18k rose gold.

46,00 €

A large rigid ring and a rigid bar that runs through it. Its design is spectacular. Minimalist style and simple lines. They are made in s925 sterling silver with 18k rose gold and zirconia.

46,00 €

In gold and with transparent zircons. The chain has inserted a small star and as a main pendant, it has a crescent, both full of zirconia  It is simple and elegant. The chain is very thin. Super...

29,00 €

Matte texture ring in gold color, made in 316L stainless steel with 18k gold and PVD treatment. It is very showy and very elegant. Like the Diagonal Bracelet you can wear it in two positions, open...

42,00 €

Rigid, thin, square-shaped bracelet. Made of tainless steel with 18k gold plated. It leads embedded in the sides 8 zirconias. Minimalist and simple in design.

49,00 €

Rigid bracelet, minimalist design wider at one end than the other. Made of stainless steel 316L 18k yellow gold PVD. Elegant and simple but with an original and unique design.

37,00 €

Necklace made of a thin chain with a pendant in the middle semicircle shaped rigid with zircons. The chain ends in other of larger links thal allows to put it longer or shorter. With a minimal and...

39,00 €

Rigid bracelet with minimalist design and rounded. Open. It takes four zircons set into each end. Made of 316 L stailess steel with 18k gold and PVD. Simple and elegant.

36,00 €

Rigid bracelet, shaped stainless steel cord and gold plated. Lovely to complete a casual look or even a sophisticated one. Can be set alone or with other. Simple and elegant.

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