125,00 €

This season you will wear stripes! Defined and well marked, like those of this scarf that combines four colors broken white, pink, blue and grey. Made in soft 100% cashmere. If you want to be to...

105,00 €

100% cashmere. It has a very original color combination, green, strawberry and camel. It is soft and loving. The scarves always give a touch to any look. This season do not hesitate, a cashmere...

40,00 €

Thin kind of gloves are the most comfortable available. Leave your fingers free so you can do many things without removing them. These are made 100% cashmere, what a luxury! Perfect for you and...

175,00 €

This sweater is perfect for a casual look and also for a more dress outfit. It is what has the good cashmere, is versatile and always a success. Classic and timeless. This 100% cashmere sweater is...

185,00 €

Jersey with 100% cashmere box. Square cut. Super soft and tasty. If you are organizing your wardrobe fund for this season do not miss this jersey, it is a basic you can not leave out. Easy to...

195,00 €

This blue color is very nice and gives light to the face, it greatly favors. It is made of high quality cashmere. Ribbed in broken white and with an incredible styling. Also available in pink.

195,00 €

Pink cahmere jacket with broken white trim. Remember the old jackets used for tennis. It is super nice and truly a very special garment. Also available in blue.

60,00 €

These 100% cashmere scarfs-necks are great for winter. They are very warm and very comfortable. You can carrythem in the bag without occupying anything. Available in three colors green, black and...

175,00 €

100% cashmere jersey. It is thin and very nice. Timeless and very practical. This is in a beautiful grayish-green color. Perfect for any time of year.

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