120,00 €

Opened bracelet, adjustable to the wrist, decorated with two superimposed triangles. With the Maxi Triangle earrings you will get a complete look. Of brass gold plated.

120,00 €

Opened bracelet, adjustable to the wrist, decorated with two superimposed triangles. With the Maxi Triangle earrings you will get a complete look. Of brass gold plated.

46,00 €

Natural horn bracelet, lacquered. Handmade. It is available in two colors: orange and green, to be worn alone or combined with the Indiana Horn Earring

25,00 €

Steel bracelet, golden colr, With a lot of circular pieces, oval ones, links, creating a very original small chaos. You can adjust it to your wrist because it has a small extension to regulate the...

35,00 €

Medea bracelet in pink steel. Like the other two Medea bracelets, it has a double strass line.

35,00 €

Medea steel bracelet in gold color. If you are more of golden complements, this is your Medea bracelet. Combine it with your accessories.

35,00 €

Steel bracelet with double strass line. Oval and rigid. It opens laterally, in an articulated manner. A touch of light to your look.

127,00 €

This bracelet has a design so authentic! It is truly a very special bracelet. The idea to create a pice as if it were a crumpled paper is super accomplished. It is made in gold mate brass, and...

55,00 €

This bracelet represents like drops intertwined, irregular and made one by one in an artisanal way. They are made of golden brass. It has a hook type closure. It has movement and is super original.

97,00 €

Bracelet in gold brass, as if it were a thin sheet that is completely attached to the arm. The gold is matte and has a hammered finish. It is handcrafted like all Olga prieto's jewels, which have...

275,00 €

Bracelet in brass with gold plating. Original and extra-flat design. It fits totally stuck to the wrist. Lightweight and very easy to carry. As soon as you see it, it attracts attention.

189,00 €

Bracelet made in 18k gold plated brass. It is striated and ends in two nut-shaped tubular figures. It is open and can be easily adapted to any wrist size.

34,00 €

The perfect complement to the Black and Gold necklace. Double chain bracelet topped with a cascade of black beads finished in gold. Do not you love wearing finite bracelets in summer? Combine them...

32,00 €

This bracelet is made up of a double gold platted chain, on both sides of a central piece of black balls and a small piece of spike-shaped chain. The chain mix that characterizes Emebe and that we...

84,90 €

Closed rigid bracelet. You can have it in two different materials, in bronze with bath of 22k gold and in bronze with rhodium bath. It belongs to the Nilo collection of Daniel Espinosa. Also...

89,90 €

A single wide piece. It is edged all around with small balls integrated, in the same material. You can perform only on one wrist or one on each arm as is the trend this season. It is open and can...

36,00 €

Brooch made in buffalo horn. It is available in three colors: natural, enameled in red or enamelled in green. Size approx: 7 cm x 6 cm.

46,00 €

The bracelets are perfect for this season, the skin is tanned and the arms will be more exposed than in winter. It's time to show your bracelets a lot. This in gold color is rigid and opened at the...

80,00 €

These bracelets are made of gold plated brass. They carry two large palm leaves in the same material and in the middle colored balls. You have them in three different models: with pearls,...

100,00 €

Jewelry with leaf shapes are one of the latest trends for this fall. Shaped leaf bracelets is a good way to be trendy. This shaped fig leaf has a very modern vintage air. It is made of gilded...

80,00 €

The bracelets are a perfect complement to finish off a look. This is shaped like a palm leaf. It is open and is easily manipulated to fit your arm measure, and put it closer to the wrist or further...

28,00 €

These bracelets have an exotic air very interesting. They are made with rows of natural stones. Perfect to wear them, one by one or mix several colors. Rigid and open. Available in burgundy, green,...

97,00 €

This bracelet is made with several strips of brass hammered gold. Summer bracelets are an essential accessorie that you can not miss. This in particular is the last one, we have selected for you....

52,00 €

Like a coiled snake crossed, that's the shape of this bracelet. Gold hammered brass, rigid and closed. The color is soft and very elegant. It makes a brilliant set with the Earring cobra of Olga...

80,00 €

Gold bracelet with pearls and natural stones. There are two models available. One pearl and coral and other pearl and turquoise. A key piece to any look. The supplements are important and a...

42,00 €

Rigid, thin, square-shaped bracelet. Made of tainless steel with 18k gold plated. It leads embedded in the sides 8 zirconias. Minimalist and simple in design.

49,00 €

Rigid bracelet, minimalist design wider at one end than the other. Made of stainless steel 316L 18k yellow gold PVD. Elegant and simple but with an original and unique design.

89,00 €

Silver bracelet rigid. It doesn´t wears the classic closure but wears a silver cord easy to adjust to any wrist. Perfect alone or to wear it with others.  

39,00 €

Rigid bracelet with minimalist design and rounded. Open. It takes four zircons set into each end. Made of 316 L stailess steel with 18k gold and PVD. Simple and elegant.

107,00 €

Bracelet made of different gold brass thin lines some of them intertwined. It fits perfectly to the arm as if it was a hand that grabs you. A perfect complemet for any special occasión.  

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