60,50 €

In gold hammered brass and with a design full of originality. The pate above is an oval with snap-rough appearance. Hanging a piece shaped like a triangle. They have movement and are very...

46,00 €

Pendant composed by a Kaynita in blue tones. It is surrounded by a square in brass old gold color. Perfect with the chain or the choker of Olga Prieto. Size : 1.5 x 1.5 cm.

46,00 €

Square shaped pendant made of aged golden brass. In the center a stone rose quartz. To combine with the gold necklace or with the rigid one, both of Olga Prieto. You can also include more pendants...

46,00 €

Pendant composed by a labradorite stone carved and square shaped, surrounded by golden aged brass. You can combine it with the chain or with the rigid choker of Olga Prieto.

36,30 €

Rigid necklace made in gold color hammered brass. Yoy caon wear it alone or combined with hte different pendants of Olga Prieto. There are four different: labradorite, rose quartz, kainite and...

148,50 €

Necklace formed by irregular gold brass ovals. Super flat. They adapt perfectly to the body. Very flattering. Handmade artisan. They have a clossure hook type so you can wear it shorter or longer....

210,60 €

Shaped hoop earring, they wear an aquamarien stone surrounded by brass all carved in gold matte. Closing type hook. Super originals. A single piece.

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