70,00 €

In gold hammered brass and with a design full of originality. The fixed part is an oval with wrinkled appearance. Hanging a piece shaped like a triangle. They have movement and are very flattering....

60,00 €

Golden brass earrings made up of different sizes of circles. This rings are ligt and veri thin. They also have a set part with a rough texture. The closure is pressure type.

100,00 €

These genuine and super fun earrings will be your BFF. The turquoise and soft pink stones will give your skin a glammy touch of light. They are the signature of any look and they will make you...

116,00 €

Back to black, and back to basics! We never have enough of both. These earrings are a classic that any woman should have. The infallible black & gold combination is a basic rule you will never...

124,00 €

Closet basics like short sleeve t-shirts & little black dresses can easily be elevated with statement pieces like this one. Daniel Espinosa's red tasseled pair is strung with braided red-tone...

92,00 € 69,00 €

Golden brass flower clipearrings with mother pearl flower and flower bead finding

175,00 €

Big earrings in the shape of a Toucan, made of brass, acrylic and vintage crystals. Presure clousuree and its approximate measures, 8.5cm x 5.5cm Wide. Ideal, original and super lightweight.

155,00 €

Earrings with a central flower in blue from which hang green pompoms. With snap closure very comfortable. Made in brass and embroidered in thread. large size but great lightness. This summer, give...

280,00 €

In blue and pink tones, these XXL earrings will be the star piece of your jeweler this summer. They are made of gilded bronze and metallic thread, the closure is clip and, despite their large...

280,00 €

Spectacular earrings made in gilded bronze and metallic thread, in ocher, orange, blue and green tones. With small pompoms at the bottom that give movement to the set. Ideal and super flattering....

109,00 €

Earrings made up of a snake head and Swarovski crystal attached to a long feather. Made of gold-plated brass 18k. The closure is hook type. They are rigid. Exotic and tribal. A wild touch to your...

96,00 €

They have a small sheet of fern fixed in matt golden, from which hang four thin chains plated in 18k gold. These earrings are extra long. They stylize a lot and weigh almost nothing. Sheet size...

158,00 €

These earrings are spectacular and have a very original design. The fixed part represents the shell of a walnut and hanging four very thin chains. This kind of earrings stylise a lot and look great...

109,00 €

Earrings plated in 18k gold. They are walnut-shaped, represented by hollow interconnected tubes. The closure is clip-type, super comfortable! This fall you'll be amazing with earrings like these.

149,00 €

Spectacular earrings formed by a pearl of river in pink in pavé of strass and long chains plated in gold that fall on the shoulders. If there is a period in which the accessories are the real...

158,00 €

Beautiful earrings formed by a flower of strass and long rhodium chains that fall on the shoulders.

139,00 €

Earrings in the shape of a brass flower, plated in 18kt gold. They are very light

169,00 €

Extra long earrings, of two feathers linked to multiple chains. The closure is a hook. The earrings are made of brass gold plated (18K). Very light, we love for a summer night look.

46,00 €

Horn earrings in orange or green combined with natural color. Long, about 8 cm but very light. The closure is classic, by pressure. The perfect earrings to complete your summer jewelry box:...

165,00 €

Earrings with leaf shape, in green color. Clip closure adorned with vintage crystals. The measure of the sheet is 8.5cm x 5.5cm Width and they are very lightweight, 13 gr. Give a tropical touch to...

195,00 €

Round brass earrings with small head of a bull in hand-painted wood in various colors. Several pompoms. The closure is clip and it is large but very light.

90,00 € 67,50 €

Gloden brass leaf with pearl shell flowers petal beads in a gloden clip. Length: 7 cm

90,00 € 67,50 €

Clip earrings. Golden brass flowers with golden brass flowers 6 petals

96,00 € 72,00 €

Green agate stone and gloden brass earrings

80,00 € 60,00 €

The Craspedia model of last season, now in spectacular colors. Three brass pompoms gold plated and joined by small rings that give movement. The closure is a clip, very comfortable and feel great....

25,00 € 21,25 €

Ring Earrings in silver, with small balls hanging. With a certain hippy touch, ideal! Very comfortable and lightweight, with hook closure.

94,90 € 80,67 €

Gold-plated bronze earrings of 22 kt. Of great rotundity, they will give light to your expression. Perfect for an important appointment.

10,00 €

Steel earrings in the shape of ball, with enamel in black color. Golden edges and pressure closure. Small, perfect for daily.

52,00 €

We love summery earrings! These are made of gold plated brass. They have two pieces joined by a ring. They carry a cluster of pellets that can be pearls, aquamarines or natural colored stones. They...

46,00 € 39,10 €

A large rigid ring and a rigid bar that runs through it. Its design is spectacular. Minimalist style and simple lines. They are made in s925 sterling silver with 18k rose gold and zirconia.

33,00 € 28,05 €

These earrings have a minimalist design. They are a line and ring of pink gold color. They are made of stainless steel and have PVD treatment with 18k rose gold.

33,00 € 28,05 €

These earrings are very original. They are made of stainless steel and PVD treatment with 18k rose gold. One piece, with a long and thin chain that slides in the ear until you reach the pendant...

85,90 € 73,02 €

These earrings are as if they were thin wrinkled sheets. Very special and different. Perfect to put a point of authentic originality to your looks this season. The closure is pressure type and its...

45,90 € 39,02 €

The hoop earrings are a classic that never fails. Daniel Espinosa this season has wanted to give a twist and create these two hoops interlaced, one smaller than the other, and in different...

39,00 €

Earrings made up of a dark natural stone and several round stones  surrounding it. The closure is hook type and the structure is old gold colored. A new and spectacular combination of colors:...

52,00 €

They are fun and have movement. The closure is hook type. They have like two palm leaves in gold. The pendant is a stone in deep blue, carved and rounded. Size: 6.00 cm x 3.00 cm.

36,00 €

We love the Horn collection of Spanish & Sisters! These earrings are made of natural buffalo horn. They are available in two different colors black and beige very clear. It is a natural...

36,00 €

These earrings have a super original design. If you are looking for earrings that will attract attention this summer, these are! They are made of natural buffalo horn in clear color and carry an...

36,00 €

Two large interlaced and extra-flat shackle. They are lightweight for the size they have and are made in natural buffalo horn. A very versatile and perfect material to give an ethnic and wild point...

39,00 €

We love these earrings! They have a flower shape and you can have them with three finishes, pearls, malachite and turquoise. The closure is pressure type and they are quite big. Size approx: 3.5 cm...

28,00 €

Small earrings in the shape of a lily, made of gold-plated bronze. The closure is pressure type. They are so cute, the typical earrings to put without stopping and every day. You're going to love...

52,00 €

We love these fun butterfly shaped earrings. They have a beautiful green stone. The closure is hook type. They are so well made that they almost look real. The material is gold-plated bronze.

36,00 €

Handmade earrings, in horn, in two tones: matt gray and natural. Of pressure and very light,the perfect accesory for summer.

39,00 €

Autumn is a time of leaves and warm colors, like the gold of this earrings, With them you can make a fun nod to this season and put a note of color and warmth to your looks. The closure is hook...

52,00 €

Earrings made of gold brass and natural stones. They are rigid and are made in one piece where the closure, hook type, is integrated. They are available in two models: With corals and black stone,...

34,00 €

Small earrings made up of many tiny flowers, inspired by the cherry blossom. They carry different gemstones, malachite, pearl and very light pink coral. The closure is pressure type. The whole...

52,00 €

These earrings have two pieces in gold-plated bronze in the shape of leaves. The stones are purple, blue and pearls. They are topped with a silk tie in nude color. The closure is hook type.

52,00 €

Brass earrings, of African inspiration, with small embedded stones: in turquoise, pearl or coral. Long and articulated, formed by two piecesr. Total length about 5.5cm and width about 2.5cm.

52,00 €

Gold plated brass earrings that resemble two intertwined gondolas. In one of them, small incrustations of natural stones, pearl or turquoise, give color to the whole. Approximate dimensions: 4.5 cm...

65,00 €

Maxi pendants in plexigras, a very lightweight material with very smooth finishes. Traditional pressure closure with hypoallergenic 18 kt gold bath. Clap your hands, these earrings are the ones you...

70,00 €

Plexiglas maxi earrings, in pink and black, eyes that observe and big mouths, exaggerated features, burlesque ... With pressure closing 18 kt golden plated hypoallergenic. Very light. Approximate...

75,00 €

Large round earrings, with superimposed planes. In green, red and gold, plexiglas, material of great lightness and very soft contours. The closure is pressure and gold plated 18 karat, hypoallergenic.

55,00 €

Maxi earrings in the shape of a flower in plexiglass very lightweight, in gold and green, superimposed, which increases the feeling of movement of the earrings, as if the air made them turn. With...

130,00 €

Maxi circle earrings in red plexiglass. Set of geometric shapes, circles and rectangles, red and gold, for a perfect combination. With pressure closure, hypoallergenic .

65,00 €

We clove the combination of colors of these earrings, in yellow, black and camel, a game of shapes "with three feet", so as not to fall down. Large, as should be the earrings this season, but very...

38,00 €

Long gold plated earrings, with a faceted white onyx ball from which hangs a large golden oval and a small cross. Lightweight and marvellous, without doubt the perfect XXL earrings for this summer.

38,00 €

Gold plated earrings with a little feather hanging from an agate in the shape of a drop and a small garnet stone. Super lightweight, with hook closure for hanging. An ideal color combination and...

38,00 €

Gold plated earrings, small crosses hanging from a large oval and a coral faceted bamboo stone, next to another little one, garnet. A lightweight set with movement, will become your perfect...

110,00 € 99,00 €

Asymmetric earrings, one greater than the other, one with a small wooden cube and the other without it. Of brass golden plated, formed by a ring and a bar. Very geometric and minimal.

130,00 € 117,00 €

Double triangle earrings, superimposed, brass with gold plating, with hook closure. Very light All the Bakari jewels are handmade, each one is a unique piece.

140,00 € 126,00 €

Oval shape earrings, made of wood, with superimposed golden ovals that seem to rotate and move. Very lightweight and different. We know that they will become your favorites. They are made by hand...

140,00 € 126,00 €

Long earrings, formed by a very geometric composition of bars and triangles. Main triangles made of wood, supported by gold-plated brass triangles. Pressure closure. Handcrafted in Spain. As they...

215,00 €

Earrings made in gold pewter (outcome metal alloy of copper and tin). Formed by a sunflower, and hoop decorated with leaves in the same material. Omega Clossing. These earrings are a great...

28,00 € 23,80 €

Long and very light earrings, combining fine gold platted pieces with silver platted chains, resulting a very wearable and flattering earrings for every look. Complete the set with any of the Emebe...

24,00 € 20,40 €

Earrings with a main golden bar, from which hangs a pink circle. Pressure closure.

69,90 € 59,42 €

Elegant, exotic and very flattering. If you have a party in sight they are perfect. They have a fringed black tassel, a ball in matte gold and a natural spinolite in purple. The structure is of...

69,90 € 59,42 €

A successful combination of colors!!. A tassel with fringes in broken white and a natural stone, cat's eye. in intense green, beautiful! The structure is in gold, and the closure is pressure type....

69,90 € 59,42 €

The color of these earrings, can not be more current. They are two parts, a tassel with fringes in pink and a quartz also in pink, with a structure in silver 925 with vermeil bath in gold. The...

169,00 € 143,65 €

They are two pieces joined by a ring that gives movement to the earring. The closure is catalan type. They are made in 925 silver with a 22k gold bath and white espinolites.

169,00 € 154,00 €

They are elongated. With the hair loose they look great but if you are of thouse who usually wear it collected you will see that they favor a lot. They are made in 925 silver with a 22k gold bath...

199,00 € 169,15 €

They have a spectacular fixed piece, and hanging three chains finished in a pendulum. The truth is that they attract attention !! Now that it's time for parties, it's teh moment to wear something...

94,90 € 80,67 €

Earrings of quite big size and very showy. The finish is impeccable. They have an elegant and at the same time fun point. The rings are decorated with balls of different sizes that give volume and...

95,90 € 81,52 €

These earrings are a composition of many balls in the shape of a ring.They have a big one hanging. They end in a small pendulum in the same material. The closure is pressure type. Of rather large...

84,90 € 72,17 €

Hoop earrings hanging from a fixed part with a ring that gives movement. The hoop is flattened on the sides in a very original way, giving the pendant a unique design.

75,00 € 63,75 €

Bronze earrings with gloden plated of 22 kt. Large hanging ring, with a 4-link chain of a golden hemisphere. This Cerezo collection is the result of Daniel Espinosa's trips to Japan.

39,00 €

These earrings have an 80 's roll so cool!! Bathed in gold and shiny. With geometric shape and very flat. The clasp is hook-type. Size: 6.5 cm long x 0.7 cm wide

39,00 €

As if they were a loop turned, in gold color and hook-type closure. It is a single piece joined by a ring at the closure. They have movement and are really fun. Its finish is matte and the gold is...

29,00 €

Small rings and hanging stars all in gold color. They are perfect to use every day. Lightweight and very comfortable to wear. They are made of 3 micron gold plated silver

29,00 €

Little rings and crosses, is there something more fashionable this season? Ideal to put on without stopping and easy to wear. Made in silver plated with 3 micron gold. We are sure that you will not...

69,00 € 48,30 €

Earrings shaped rigid rectangular bar in silver with gold plated 18k. Closing pressure type. Minimalist design. Perfect to macth with the ring Tower of Ararat.

89,00 € 62,30 €

This type of earrings always attract attention. They are made of sterling silver plated with 18k gold. They have several crosses hanging of threes different high chains. Length: 7.5 cm.

75,00 €

Large articulated earrings, whith independent movement, allowing light to reflect on them. Grey, with mirrored effect. Pressure clousure 18 kt gold plated, hypoallergenic. Plexiglas, very lightweith.

45,00 €

Necklace and earrings set. The necklace is made of golden steel chain, with large circles in 3 colors on the front of approximate dimensions between 1 and 2 cm. The earrings, with 3 steel circles...

16,00 €

Steel earrings with a new set of geometries: circles, lines and triangles intertwine for slopes with light and movement.

16,00 €

Long earrings in steel, gold, very geometric, a bar at the end of a chain that crosses a circle. Pressure closure. Very light and flattering. In summer, give prominence to your accessories.

210,00 €

These earrings are made by hand in gold plated bronze. The design is very original, they carry flowers and some leafs as if they were branches. The closure is pressure type.

16,00 €

Long earrings, in which a triangle hangs from a chain and this one from a bar. A set of geometric shapes in golden steel. Pressure closure

98,00 €

Long earrings in the shape of a shell formed by Swarovski crystals in a garnet tone. From it hang 3 chains with Swarovski crystals in white. Perfect to complete a super guest look.

95,00 €

Removable brass earrings with rhodium bath and 18 kt gold bath. They can be put in several ways: only the golden part, the two rings in front and the two rings, one in front and one in the back....

45,00 €

Are not they ideal? We love these super minimal but different earrings. For everyday. They are made of brass with an 18 kt gold bath and a bright polished finish. Its dimensions? The simple 8 mm...

35,00 €

Small brass earrings with 18 kt gold bath, very discreet but very flattering, since their finish makes them shine and show different.

55,00 €

Super originals !! Ascending earrings that are placed up instead of down, not needing more earrings to look very different. Of brass bathed in gold of 18 kt and engravings, they have a length of...

57,50 €

They are like two drops, one smaller than the other but both irregular and handmade by golden matte brass with a hammered finish. The closure is pressure type and is hooked on a bar of the same...

85,00 €

Boho style earrings. Although their dimensions are big, they are very light and easy to carry. The closure is pressure type. Combined in bottle green and gold.

29,00 €

Small earring in silver. It is that kind of ring to wear in the contour of the ear but no need to make a hole, getting the effect of a piercing. It is available in silver and golden silver. This...

80,00 €

In one piece, and with a very original design. The closure is pressure type, they are gorgeous and are made of gold brass. XXL earrings are fashionable and with these you will attract attention.

80,00 €

Made in gold brass and with three pieces that give movement to this great slope. One flower and two elongated leaves. Once you put them, they stylized a lot and the fixed part, that of the flower,...

80,00 €

These earrings are formed by two pieces joined by a ring. The fixed part is a flower and from it hang the leaves. Made in golden brass. They are gorgeous and quite big. The closure is pressure type.

65,00 €

They carry a piece of aged gold brass from which hang three carved drops of Swarovski crystal. They have movement and shine. Size is rather medium

90,00 €

These earrings are made in one piece and inspired by the Spanish tradition. The bottom is fan shaped and its texture is fluted and rough. They are made of gold plated brass. Closing hook type.

50,00 €

These earrings are super flatering. Medium size: 3 cm high x 1.5 cm wide. They are made of brass with gold bath. They carry a fixed part with a bug Swarovski crystal green surrounded by strass and...

55,00 €

Three funny pompoms in green bottle color combined with Swarovski crystals in the same green. They are very original, with movement and almost no weigh. An original touch for a festive look....

68,00 €

They are made in Swarovski crystals in nude colors and gold. Its tones are so flattering to attract attention. However this is not a big or exaggerated slope. The contrary, its size is perfect! Its...

30,00 €

It is made of 18-carat gold-plated brass. It is the typical earring to wear on the top of the ear. It has a striped texture inspired by the busts of kings found in the African city of Ife. It is...

29,00 €

This season Hevn proposes to us jewels of minimal style to put every day without fear to use them a lot. These rings, which are sold one at a time, are available in three different materials and...

19,00 €

Very simple and small. These earrings are sold one at a time. The idea is that you combine them as you want. One of the latest trends in jewelry is the asymmetries and the combination of different...

39,00 €

A small ring and a zirconite set in three claws. All in silver. It's really a cute slope. Sold one at a time. The ideal is to combine it with the others that Hevn proposes to us this season. For...

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