79,00 € 63,20 €

This necklace is made of plates in sterling silver with 18k gold bath forming a chain. Although the photo looks short, it is long, it is simply two turns. Carabiner clasp closure. It has those two...

49,00 € 39,20 €

Wide ring in gold plated silver. It is open and has a minimalist design. It is very simple and very flattering. Width: 1 cm. Diameter: 1.5 cm.

159,00 € 127,20 €

This necklace is made of a long chain and several pendants: a hoop, a ball and two little bars. On the side another shaped like a triangle. All in silver gold plated. It has a lenght of 80 cm. It...

89,00 € 71,20 €

This type of earrings always attract attention. They are made of sterling silver plated with 18k gold. They have several crosses hanging of threes different high chains. Length: 7.5 cm.

69,00 € 55,20 €

This season, you need a pendant like this. Perfecto to wear every day, and with a length that you sure don't have by now. Great to wear alone, or with some more chains. It has star shape and a very...

159,00 € 127,20 €

Link bracelet, 16 cm long, made in sterling silver yellow gold plated 18k. Classic and with a perfect finish, like all the jewels of Ararat. Very lignt and easy to wear.

69,00 € 55,20 €

Earrings shaped rigid rectangular bar in silver with gold plated 18k. Closing pressure type. Minimalist design. Perfect to macth with the ring Tower of Ararat.

59,00 € 47,20 €

Ring in silver gilt, consisting of a rectangular bar and an open ring wich makes it adaptable to any size. The bar is 2 cm long by 0.2 cm wide. Easy to combine and with a simple and elegant design.

59,00 € 47,20 €

Ring made of sterling silver, yellow gold plated, consisting of a ring and a rectangular bar of 2 cm long and 0.2 cm wide. The ring is open and adjustable so you can adapt it to any extent. With a...

89,00 € 71,20 €

Silver bracelet rigid. It doesn´t wears the classic closure but wears a silver cord easy to adjust to any wrist. Perfect alone or to wear it with others.  

89,00 € 69,00 €

Fine bracelet made of gilded silver, with half-round shape.Topped with two golden balls also in silver, and adjustable wrist. Perfect alone o combine with others.

99,00 € 79,20 €

Silver bracelet rigid. It has a width of half centimeter. It wears a silver cord, and at the end two little balls also in silver. A ball made adjustable closure.  Elegant and simple, but with a...

149,00 € 119,20 €

Rigid necklace in sterling silver plated 18 karat gold. Very attached to the neck. Open from behinde and easy to put on. With a spectacular price. A simple necklace that will draw attention.

59,00 € 47,20 €

Earrings made of sterling silver with cloeusre press type. They are ring-shaped and thick. Diameter: 2 cm.

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