149,00 €

Rigid necklace, topped with a baroque pearl from Mallorca in the central part. It can be worn open or closed. Brass golden plated 18K.

169,00 €

Extra long earrings, of two feathers linked to multiple chains. The closure is a hook. The earrings are made of brass gold plated (18K). Very light, we love for a summer night look.

109,00 €

Earrings made up of a snake head and Swarovski crystal attached to a long feather. Made of gold-plated brass 18k. The closure is hook type. They are rigid. Exotic and tribal. A wild touch to your...

145,00 €

 It is plated in 18k gold. It has a very thin long chain with several butterflies and a flower of pearl. The closure is carabiner type, so you can take it long or give it several laps. Length 72...

96,00 €

They have a small sheet of fern fixed in matt golden, from which hang four thin chains plated in 18k gold. These earrings are extra long. They stylize a lot and weigh almost nothing. Sheet size...

158,00 €

These earrings are spectacular and have a very original design. The fixed part represents the shell of a walnut and hanging four very thin chains. This kind of earrings stylise a lot and look great...

109,00 €

Earrings plated in 18k gold. They are walnut-shaped, represented by hollow interconnected tubes. The closure is clip-type, super comfortable! This fall you'll be amazing with earrings like these.

189,00 €

Bracelet made in 18k gold plated brass. It is striated and ends in two nut-shaped tubular figures. It is open and can be easily adapted to any wrist size.

149,00 €

Spectacular earrings formed by a pearl of river in pink in pavé of strass and long chains plated in gold that fall on the shoulders. If there is a period in which the accessories are the real...

158,00 €

Beautiful earrings formed by a flower of strass and long rhodium chains that fall on the shoulders.

139,00 €

Earrings in the shape of a brass flower, plated in 18kt gold. They are very light

98,00 €

18 kt gold plated choker with small round badges hanging on its entire length. Ideal to wear alone or combined with other gold chains.

78,00 €

Golden plated necklace in 18 kt gold, with 6 "spots" in the center, 6 small circles. Short, close to the neck, which looks much more in summer. The length d of the chain is 43 cm.

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