98,00 €

Long earrings in the shape of a shell formed by Swarovski crystals in a garnet tone. From it hang 3 chains with Swarovski crystals in white. Perfect to complete a super guest look.

72,00 €

Headband in maroon velvet with stars in gold and Swarovski crystals. 

72,00 €

We like authentic and well-made things. This handmade headband is so beautiful. It carries black velvet and crystals in the shape of stars. If you have some event in sight, do not hesitate, is the...

72,00 €

Sometimes a detail is what makes a look go from being right to spectacular. That's why the Legorburu headbands are perfect. This one is handmade with maroon velvet. It is decorated with flowers and...

85,00 €

Boho style earrings. Although their dimensions are big, they are very light and easy to carry. The closure is pressure type. Combined in bottle green and gold.

65,00 €

They carry a piece of aged gold brass from which hang three carved drops of Swarovski crystal. They have movement and shine. Size is rather medium

55,00 €

Three funny pompoms in green bottle color combined with Swarovski crystals in the same green. They are very original, with movement and almost no weigh. An original touch for a festive look....

65,00 €

They are large enough to flatter, but not too much to make them confortable. They have movement and color. They are made of brass with gold bath. They carry a fixed part with a large green...

68,00 €

They are made in Swarovski crystals in nude colors and gold. Its tones are so flattering to attract attention. However this is not a big or exaggerated slope. The contrary, its size is perfect! Its...

50,00 €

These earrings are super flatering. Medium size: 3 cm high x 1.5 cm wide. They are made of brass with gold bath. They carry a fixed part with a bug Swarovski crystal green surrounded by strass and...

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